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Faulty power lines child cancer researches due to lack of intelligence in electrostatics

Stop play with our life !

Stop botch up "power lines child cancer" research !

 For more than a decade researches were made about the "power line child cancer issue". Nothing was achieved to solve the problem and why? Static electricity is still a badly known sinister topic and the "Act of God excuse" is likely to be used as explanation if an accident occurred. Lack of intelligence in the field of electrostatics made the "power line child cancer issue" a guesswork project. Just all the researches about this topic failed to solve the problem. Below only one example of them. Exaggerated, speculative, lack of electrostatic facts. Disregard of different weather conditions in that power lines affect the surroundings. Weather condition are of most importance in the power lines danger issue. By 60 % air moisture or over, no ionic electrosmog   is leaving the live wire. By 60% air moisture or over any generated positive ion is naturally neutralized on the wire.

A horrendous mistake 
Electrons being expelled by the negative halve wave. How can a positive charged live wire expel electrons. In electrostatic view the AC high voltage life wire is always positive charged no matter in which direction the electric current flows. The negative halve-cycle has physically exactly the same features as the positive halve-cycle.

Such researches bypassing true physical facts are corrupting the aim to help children having cancer along high voltage power lines.

Let's utilize true science to solve the power lines cancer issue

A factual research based on complete electrostatics intelligence

By Peter Staheli   El.Ing.

Researched on an air-conditioned indoor HV power line project
Electrostaticssuisse researched high voltage power lines on an miniature 3 phase indoor system. Such arrangement allows observations without outdoor environmental influence. What was found was surprising and the reality. By 10 % air moisture in the research room all of the 3 live wires generated pure positive ions by milking electrons form the air surrounding the wires. The room was saturated with positive ions only. No negative ions at all could be found anywhere in the room. Metal blocks positioned on plastic foam in the room carried all a positive electric charge. A person in bed in the room carried a positive electric charge. Rising the air moisture in the research room showed an increasing appearance of negative ions away from the live wires. Negative ions could be detected mainly close to the concrete floor. By 40 % air moisture in the room the negative ions increased remarkably and this close to the live wires. By 60 % of air moisture in the room close to the live wires were saturated with negative ions. The metal bodies placed on foam indicated no charge anymore. The person in bed was also fully electrically neutral.
Beside, by low air moisture the person in bed carried an electrostatic charge. By grounding the person in bed the body of the person could be kept neutral.  

High voltage power lines generate positive ions only. This is actually to expect due to the reason that the live wire never carries a negative electrostatic charge. No matter in which direction the current flows, the attraction to make the current flow is positive only. By low air moisture the positive ions clouds generated by the live wires turn dust in surrounding air to positive charged electrosmog that is carried downwind ( like smoke of a garden fire) into dwellings. Most dense is the electrosmog by low air moisture in the atmosphere. This due to lack of water molecules. Air moisture is natures conductor for neutralizing natural positive ions and so, as well for man made ions. By 60 % and more of air moisture in the atmosphere surrounding the HV wires the neutralization of the generated positive ions takes place close around the wires. By 60% or more air moisture power lines are no threat to peoples at all. Furthermore, grounding humans makes them immune against electrosmog. Life on Earth is naturally bombarded by positive ions from the natural positive ion migration from the ionosphere down to Earth. Being grounded, maintaining the bioelectric null, is natures way to protect life from environmental positive ions. Foeh, Chinook, Mistral and other electric positive ions carrying winds are typical natural dangers to life. Being grounded, maintaining the bioelectric null for zero potential stabilization of the life process is nature. 

The positive electric smog originating from high voltage power lines carried downwind has exactly the same electrical properties as the positive electric smog carried by warm dry winds like Foehn, Chinook and Mistral. Such winds are carrying positive ions and are called evil winds due to their ability to molest people lethally. Playing havoc with human health, interfering with the human bioelectric null the zero stabilization of the human bioelectrical life process.

  The Swiss Meteorological Institute made extensive studies into the problems arising from their local wind, the Foehn, and in 1974 published a list of physical and mental effects it was found to cause. These included:
• Body pains
• Sick headaches
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Variations in body salts - sodium, calcium and magnesium
• Respiratory problems
• Asthma
• Higher incidence of heart attacks
• Slower reaction time
• Irritation
• Exhaustion
• Listlessness
• Anxiety
• Depression

Now, if the electrosmog carried by Foehn, Chinook, Mistral etc. has exactly the same properties as the electrosmog from power lines, the way people are affected by power lines must be similar. Foehn storms take place a few days in the year, power lines can do it the whole year through. Surely, the child cancer issue along power lines is not a myth, it is real fact.

Grounding People protects from ionic electrosmog
be it from Power lines , Foehn, or Ion Migration 


Is there any scientific authority out there to speed up the chance to help us not dying so young ?

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